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  • We provide a full and sophisticated customer service - either you are a SOHO or a large-scale entrepreneur. Any number of your leads will be processed effectively.

  • Our main goal is to assist Your business growth and to become a trustworthy partner for a long-term.

  • Financial conditions are very flexible so each of you are able to find an appropriated schema.

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Do not pass an opportunity

We focus mostly on Russian-speaking countries. Having Russian mental-in-mind sales force we are able to deliver uncompromising customer service and to assist any size of businesses to achieve their goals.

  • Easy to Customize

    We deliver to your traffic an idea that meets the traffic needs and requirements. We see the difference in the traffic and are able to adapt our approach to serve it. That is a very unique feature and hardly it might be copied by someone else.

Capacity is limited by imagination only

The company provides a full customer service to business with any number of leads. We have got a capacity to convert up to 500 leads per day and to work with thousands of active clients simultaneously.

  • Full Service

    We do not sell a product only. We build with each single person a trust to your brand. We continuosly work with each client in order to provide the miximum Live Time Value (LTV).


Alpha Features

Key points of our premium service

Dedicated staff

Sales force is tightly selected, well trained and highly motivated. All those are one of the key-stones of our business and give us a unique and a competitive advantage.

KPI rules the world

In our co-operation model there is a particular KPI behind. Either a Conversion rate or a Live Time Value (LTV) we do all the best to execute it.

Full Customer Service

Conversion: Outbound and inbound calls in order to present brand and sell your product. Retention: to keep a relationship with customers in order they proceed purchasing. Help desk for existing and potential clients to provide a solution on a client's issue.

Pricing Model

Financial conditions are very flexible


From $1,500 per month
  • There is a define amount of USD per each dedicated sales-man (man-hours).

    We switch to it in case of new-born businesses and for a pilot period (usually it is 2 months from the cooperation Agreement is signed).
$1,500 Per Person


From 20% and less
  • There is the percent of turnover we achieve from the clients we work with.

    We start working from 20% and go down in case the turnover increases 300,000 USD per month.

20% Per Month

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